Een aantal weken geleden gaven de kinderen van mijn vriend ons als huwelijks-geschenk het sprookje De Kikkerkoning. Wat zij niet wisten was dat ik op het punt stond punt om op de knop te drukken: PUBLICEER NU. Ondertussen is het boek: KIKKERS OMTOVEREN gepubliceerd.

When you are familiar with E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques, you may want to learn how to apply this in your daily life. Maybe to understand it deeper and practice it on yourself, but also as a tool for helping others, or to work on attracting and creating the life you want to live. Here you have a link to the...

The next equinox is approaching. It is one of those moments of the year that spiritually more active or awoken persons get nervous and reserve the date in their agenda to dedicate to growth. But why do they do that? And why do you want to consider that too?

Is there any better place to create your life with the Law of Attraction, than from the inside? There are tools and guidelines, but what is working best for me is to focus on the experiences - past, present & future.

As the calendar is filled up with beautiful projects, marvelous family, and many travels (... and some minor aspects that come along with all these :), finally I took the step to organize the short retreats that were on my wish list for a while.

On my YouTube channel, there are a few videos with real-life examples of CREATING OWN LIFE & MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. This video below is a compilation of short reflections of a nearly 1,5 year process. Shot on the go and all spontaneous.

In relation to the previous blog post, here you find a few references on the Pineal Gland. One of my discoveries of the week is that what I notice at trees and leycentra, maybe that in those places, my Pineal Gland is stimulated. On the one hand, I use active intention. But, maybe the natural frequencies at these points,...

In this video you can join a bit on the journey and process. Discovering from the inside how to use energy points or leycentra for your self-development. Every month there are new learnings. But, they come bit by bit. And, if I can be on this journey, well... so can you.

There are cycles, everywhere. Continuously. There are the tides, the day/night, the seasons, the .... a whole list there is. Also, there are cycles and rhythms within each of us. That´s why a bit of silence on the blog again ... that doesn´t mean that the development stopped. However, I realized not to have continued this blog topic. A...


Have you ever used visualization techniques or a vision board and notice that it is not that easy to believe it will be real one day You can use tapping in combination with playing with the Law of attraction!

As you want to take your life in another direction, apply the 3 tips from the Video on the right.

It can make the process easier and increase the impact.

I recorded the video because later in the day we had an online meeting with the Dutch and Belgic SFM members on the Law of Attraction. The post here today, because I regularly use this technique on clients and it is a very pleasant way to get to live improvements.

One way to give yourself the belief that another life can be real is by experiencing it as real already.

With these simple techniques, you can make it easier to tap into your future image.

It is like applying the reaction of being worried or scared because you imagine something may happen - it doesn´t matter if the thing happens real or not, your sensation is real and with that if feels real and you interpret it as real.

What matters and impacts your thought, feelings, believes and SENSATION of reality, this is what you interpret.

And because of the law of attraction, you attract this reality. This is similar to positive ideas or imaginations, when you feel them and can live them as though already, they are real.

Have a look at the video and later apply the simple tips while doing your DAILY FUTURE VISUALISATION.

The tapping allows the energy to flow in a more natural way - without much of the thoughts and worries interfering.

When you are practicing your ideal day visualization, use these 3 tips to give it a bigger impact.

They are easy steps you can apply by yourself and it only takes a few minutes and no extra fuss if you anyway are doing your visualizations.