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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR) are techniques that facilitate the natural flow of energy and sensations in body and mind. DISCOVER by yourself what it can mean to you: subscribe to the email group

The simple, manual techniques can be learned in a few minutes. A session is 30-60 minutes. 

EFT and MR help to resolve stress, fears, phobias, allergies, anxiety, trauma, (chronic) pain, emotions, negative beliefs, conflicts ...


EFT facilitates to reconnect with inner nature, harmony and peace. The basic technique is easy to learn and one can use it daily. Complex issues may require more guidance or dedication.

EFT is developed by Gary Craigh. On his webpage you can find more information, links and documentation: www.emofree.com.

With EFT a person taps 5-7 times on 15 areas on the body, concentrating on an issue or sensation. 


MR is developed by Karl Dawson and uses EFT. With MR a person separates from the emotion and transforms his experience, belief and life. 

Karl is the author of the book: "Matrix Reimprinting: transform your beliefs, transform your life".

MR resolves emotional conflicts without reliving the experience. The resolution is accompanied by a positive experience that is imprinted in the brain and body. With the learning and positive experience the programm of the subconcience is rewriten.