When you are familiar with E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques, you may want to learn how to apply this in your daily life. Maybe to understand it deeper and practice it on yourself, but also as a tool for helping others, or to work on attracting and creating the life you want to live. Here you have a link to the online course from Alina and Craigh (E.F.T. ONLINE COURSE 2023).  

EFT Tapping Training Institute™


Seven years ago, I spoke with Alina and Craigh during a course on Matrix Reimprinting on getting them to Spain. They wanted to, but not directly. Well, this week I connected with them on another topic, and guess what ... I got an email from them at the same time (is it an example of synchronicity?) with a few of their activities in 2023. One of them is MATRIX REIMPRITING COURSE IN SPAIN THIS MAY ! This is your opportunity to learn from them directly. 

I got really excited. At first I thought: "but I would have loved to organize this together in the south", but with the new "wisdom" I exchanged that thought for: "that is exactly what I wished for 7 years back already". Then I got so excited. I might go myself too, but still I have to check how to do it. I send them an email to see if they come also further South. They said it is a unique moment for them in Spain and they will not repeat it - at least not soon (at least that's what they believe at this moment...but you know, beliefs and thoughts can change). 

I am seriously considering going there. It is always good to reconnect with others and get refreshed on the parts of the tools and techniques that got a bit further down. Just it doesn´t fit too well into my work and family plans. But, again, what to do, it is a thought and belief too and you may change them. There is never a good moment for all the things you´d love to do, so don´t wait for the better moment. I put the link here for the course with Alina and Frank. 

I followed the Matrix Reimprinting course with them in 2016 in the Netherlands. They are a great lovely couple, that has such a warm way of sharing Matrix Reimprinting with the audience, that I can only recommend you take the opportunity now: SEE MATRIX REIMPRINTING COURSE INFORMATION SPAIN 2023  

EFT Tapping Training Institute


When you are not that familiar with E.F.T. yet, then you may want to start with learning basic about it on the RESETTING AND RECONNECTING TAPPING RETREAT in Cazorla. Click on the image for information.