As long as you are not enlightened, you will have to deal with yourself and your surroundings in the course of the day. 

You may recognize that the more peaceful you are, the easier it is to face and live with the situations. 

Practices as meditation, yoga, mindfulness and connecting with trees are tools that allow reconnecting with a more relaxed state. 

Below a few links with suggestions to techniques that you can use to explore meditation practices by yourself. 

The most empowering experience I´ve had at the Energy Point in Ottepaa (Estonia), with a rinsing effect like a profound Matrix Reimprinting session or several days of retreat. 

Give it a try to meditate under a tree. 

When you click on the image above you get to an introduction to the ZEN meditation that I practice. 

The position and breathing is explaned there. You can do this by yourself and use the next video as a guide for starting to incorporate the habit. 

With sitting and breathing already you can get a more comfortable state to start your day with. 

When you are more tuned-in, the rest will follow. 

Start to meditate by yourself. You can use this video with reminders on the techniques at the background when you are starting. 

Have you ever meditated at special sites, such as megalithic monuments, ley-lines or energy points ? 

This video is a reflection on the experience at Ottepaa (Estonia), energy point with the bear totem. 

Really worth giving it a try and create the opportunity for that.