Finding myself back - 

Re-encontrar con migo mismo

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Releasing blocked emotions and finding myself back. Listen to Olga´s experience with the releasing impact of tapping and a Matrix Reimprinting session.


Tap into a loving and fertile life. 

"A feeling of intense discomfort joint me for decades. I had no idea where it came from and no clue that I could do anything about it. 

With Matrix Reimprinting love came back into me and my life, and I became a fertile man! 

Living is a magical pleasure now!" 

Wouter de Vries

Confident to take decisions

"I notice how these techniques have changed me from the inside, I feel different, as if something magical has happened inside. I feel confident in life, I value what I do, I am able to make decisions that looked very hard for me ..... It is simply wonderful !!! !"


Online healing

"Wouter appeared like a goblin in one of the darkest moments in my life. He enlightening it with his personal approach, respect and generosity and ... Matrix Reimprinting. It was nearly 6 months of deep healing work, during which I healed many old wounds. This brought into the light into my life, together with hope, love and healing, including physical. Matrix Reimprinting is one of the most revolutionary techniques that I know (and I am psychologist) and Wouter a great - great practitioner." feb.2020



Tapping on family

"As a family composed of two divorced partners, both with the children from previous relationships we are facing plenty of emotional issues that at some stage became unbearable to deal with. Wouter had sessions with me, my partner, and my little daughter who is suffering a lot because of mine and her father's separation. We all felt very powerful changes. The technique proved to be extremely calming and it dealt with our early childhood traumas that we were able to identify and literally transform into enjoyable and positive events. These incredible changes persist in us and continue to make our life more wonderful than ever. Wouter, I am very grateful for your help and sincerely hope that your technique gets widely known and recognized for it is a truly powerful tool."


Cronicle back-pain  

"I was very skeptical at the first session and never believed that such practices could work. These thoughts changed completely in the first session, when the vague smell of fried unions guided towards the realization on my beliefs around the responsibility for my sisters life. In the second session we removed the chronicle lower back pain that I had carried for as long as I remembered. A new pain appeared slightly higher. This new one evaporated in the next session. One week later when Wouter asked how it was going with my back, I looked a bit surprised: "my back??....oh yes, it is perfect". As we touched, released and learned from the deeper underlying core-issues, my life has changed very much and my chronicle pains are gone."


The first steps

"I met Wouter less than half a year ago by coincidence. From the first moment he showed his sensitivity and helpfullness with other persons. I was fascinated by how he works with his therapies, but I was not open to step in as I was going through a de-toxification process from alternative therapies to find solutions for my problems. Today I can say that it was thanks to his various offers that I put myself in his hands and experienced a marvoulous internal change that I deeply appreciate. To recognize my limiting believes and gradually modify these. Reconcile with myself and find a good ally in patience. Learn with and hug my internal child. And this is just the start. Thank you Wouter."


I fixed it myself! 

"I was really needing some external help when I realized that some of my issues were coming from my subconscious patterns. I think I have been rejecting it for 39 years of my life and as always, the Universe was sending it back to me again and again. The day, when I wanted to fix this problem, I met Wouter and I asked him if he could do something for me, with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.
Wouter received me for a session, my first EFT session. And my life changed, because I fixed these emotional issues, yes I fixed it myself, with the help of my brilliant guide.
Oh, we are 5 in the family and emotional issues connected to subconscious patterns are not missing here. Wouter is having the same success with helping kids as well
So if you are reading this message you are receiving the signal. You are in the right place, just go ahead, Wouter is a proficient EFT + Matrix re-imprinting practitioner and he will make you the magic he knows!"


Infinite love and light 

"It gave me tools to drop my armour and take off my masks so that the inner light can shine out into the world uncontrolled. Sometimes I still visualize the crazy space trip that I undertook in my mind near the end of the session when I realized the true nature of the universe and myself: infinite love and light."


Connection with devine source

"For many years I am actively involved with alternative therapies. Personally I apply EFT superficially in my consultancy to directly calm anxiety or pains. I really had not expected that the approach Wouter uses (combining EFT and MR) goes deep and reaches points and moments that I did not remember. For example, in the last session, we started off with my fear to be alone than connected to the moment just before my birth. My mum had told me I nearly died there. I experienced and felt the connection with souls of other not born children that were in the delivery room. I saw my strong connection with the divine source, the light, my fears to release the earth (just in the moment that I was nearly dead)."



"I had been dizzy for some days and had been very stressed. As we tuned in a rigid area presented from the shoulderblade unto the hearth. This brought us back to important moments earlier in life. A beautiful and deep realization arose: "happiness is inside of me"."