Natura reflects nature, natuur, naturaleza and CERCA is Spanish for close: Having nature close. 

In the year 2001 NATURACERCA popped up in my mind as an illustrative name reflecting my focus.  

After large shifts in my awareness and view on the world, this name reflects even more what I stand for: bring nature into the importance and empower natural positive evolution

Since my studies, I work internationally on amphibian and nature conservation in Europe. Earlier I saw a future life dedicated to protecting nature and connecting people with nature (nature education, tourism), via the conservation of natural areas and specifical conservation of species other than humans. Today, also for me, human forms part of nature. Even it may be of key importance for long term nature conservation to connect with the inner nature in humans too. 

As a father, I could not keep running away from modern human society and went through life-transformational processes (they are nice words to say OVERCOMING HEAVY TIMES, conscious growth). That made me discover that I could actually be happy within my own body.  

Diving deeper into these topics as a therapist of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, I experienced that by (re-)connecting with the natural inner peace that we all have within us, one may allow and empower the natural positive evolution to continue within the body and life.   

Today I believe that the natural positive evolution is a process that is continuously going on; in the universe, on earth, within human and within each person. Even the apparently "negative" processes form part of this. 

Nature and life will continue even without humans, but as a parent, I have this natural calling to take care of the evolution and growth, that life continues with future generations. With the ongoing tendencies the long term survival of humans is indeed questionable. 

I believe - and this may not be valid for everybody - , that in the core and in our essence, we all prefer to be connected with the positive and natural sensations of peace and love, and when we are there the natural evolution continues smoothly.

To my belief, the emotional barriers, limiting beliefs, aggressive approaches, physical restraints (...) and other "negative" developments, often have been developed to protect from disconnection from the natural inner peace. They may evolve so "negative" that they become autodestructive (which can be a solution to the conflictive situation indeed). 

I learned to use the "negative" developments, to facilitate a learning that is beneficial for a larger step into the evolutional development once it is converted into resolutive learning

Again, this is on all levels: universe, earth, human and person. From this perspective, I am growing, learning and facilitating where I can the positive overcoming of "negative" developments. 

There are many natural resources available on earth, and also within our own body, by sharing with other persons and beings, and in the natural surroundings. 

Facilitating reconnecting with the natural inner peace, we may convert the negative developments into resolutive and empowering natural positive evolution. 

The last years, I love to coach also other persons that have the calling to dedicate to the positive shift in the world. Myself too I keep on g(r)owing and the inner evolution is continuous.


Nature cerca - connecting with inner and outer nature and empowering the natural positive evolution- that is what I stand for.