NATURA reflects nature, natuur, naturaleza and CERCA is Spanish for close: Having nature close. 

It must have been around the year 2001 that NATURACERCA popped up in my mind as an illustrative name that reflects my beliefs. Despite events that made me reflect differently and focus on other aspects of life, NATURACERCA still resonates. 

At that time, I had finished my studies, worked internationally on amphibian conservation and research, and saw a future life in which to facilitate people to connect with nature. I thought about eco-tourism specifically and to facilitate people to obtain a closer relationship with nature. The focus was then on the conservation of natural areas and other species than humans. 

As a father, I had to recognize that I had been mainly running away from modern human society and that was not possible anymore. I went through life-transformational processes (they are nice words to say HEAVY TIMES), and that made me discover that I could be happy within my own body. 

I got in contact with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki and the experiences gave me a different view on life. I got in connection with my own inner nature and peace, something that I had not known existed.

With the years I developed as a practitioner of EFT and MR and truly love to share and facilitate others to the shift that made it for me possible to enjoy life.

I believe that we are going in a healthier direction altogether and hope the future generations will not have to be running around with limiting beliefs for decades of their lives.

However, for the moment we all have many barriers and blockages that interfere with living a joyful and sustainable life.

Altogether we have tools, resources, and knowledge to make the shift and I believe that by education and facilitating life experiences we can all together make the shift to a healthier world. 



I am Wouter de Vries, Dutch, and live in Spain with a background in Nature and Landscape Engineering.  

I love to be surrounded by persons who believe or are willing to believe that it is possible to create your own life and facilitate other persons in their growth. 

Nearly everybody can use the tapping and matrix reimprinting for both personal and professional growth (CLICK HERE)

I am developing my online business together with thousands of other mind liked persons, supported by technical and strategical tools, educational materials, and mentors. 

One of my key values is that I want to be using my time and energy for things I truly believe in and that are an added value to go more in the direction of a healthier world. This is not always easy and to find your place in a world that is full of contradictions isn´t always easy. 

I had ignored and rejected the digital world for a long time, but now am learning how to integrate this in my life and have found how to do this step-by-step within a community of spiritually mind-liked persons. Have a look if you also want to share your values with others and facilitate a healthier world: 

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Ik ben Wouter de Vries. Mijn studie Bos- en Natuurbeheer heb ik in 1999 afgerond in Nederland. Daarna ben ik internationaal gaan werken en woon in Spanje. 

Matrix Reimprinting heeft mij een gezonde levenswending bezorgd en geluk in mijn leven gebracht, vanaf een retrete in 2013.

In 2015 heeft Karl Dawson mij getraind als Matrix Reimprinting en and EFT practitioner. In 2017 heb ik in Nederland een aanvullende cursus gevolgd bij Craig Weiner & Alina Frank.

Ik ben graag samen met mensen die geloven dat je je eigen leven kunt creëren en faciliteer anderen in hun groei. 

ZIE hoe je EFT en Matrix Reimprinting kunt gebruiken voor je persoonlijke en profesionele groei (KLIK HIER)

Met duizenden gelijkgezinden ontwikkel ik mijn business online, ondersteund door technische, strategische en educatieve materialen en mentors. Klik hier voor toegang tot de gratis workshop videos over de mogelijkheden met een online business. 


Soy Holandés, trabajo internacional y vivo en España. 

MR me ha cambiado la vida hacia una feliz, desde un retiro en España en 2013.

En 2015 Karl Dawson me ha entrenado. Desde entonces soy Matrix Reimprinting y EFT practitioner . En 2017 he participado en un curso adicional de Craig Weiner & Alina Frank en Holanda.

Desde el cambio en mi vida, facilito con mucho amor otros en su crecimiento.