On the Pineal Gland


In relation to the previous blog post, here you find a few references on the Pineal Gland. One of my discoveries of the week is that what I notice at trees and leycentra, maybe that in those places, my Pineal Gland is stimulated. On the one hand, I use active intention. But, maybe the natural frequencies at these points, facilitate that there is more peace within and parallel (or maybe this is caused by ) the Pineal Gland - or third eye - is stimulated.  A whole new world is opening up! 

Gregg Braden: How you can create an amazing reality for yourself https://youtu.be/bb8rZI8sKSU  (on the pineal gland, information in the field (of water). 

A short very well presented reflection On the pineal gland (going into how to activate and improve and use): https://youtu.be/_-JgeyMWZCw Bruce Lipton explaining on the pineal gland: https://youtu.be/y6QiVwZUx7Q (it is a spanish version). 

Sadguru on the equinox: https://youtu.be/bL_QRa7uoXY Sadguru on the pineal gland: https://youtu.be/1tH8tHgtj3I