Bruce Lipton - cell biologist and author of the book Biology of Belief - explains how the covid affects the immune system and what you can do to increase the immune system in this video:

His video here is really illustrative (click here)! 

Healthy food

Extra vit c and d

Physical exercise

Reduce stress hormones

Bruce makes it understandable why methods as Meditation, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting have such a profound effect!

I met Bruce a few years ago, and admire how he explains so well that you can live paradise on earth. 

Read his book  "The Biology of Belief" to get a better understanding of how our cells are influenced by our surroundings and thoughts. 


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The link above is to an announcement of a presentation from a Cell biologist on 5 tips to increase your immune system. 

If you are curious and want to join LIFE in the following presentation, send an email and I´ll take care you get access to the zoom call.

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