At Casa Alegría we offer rooms for one, two or three persons (CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES AND ROOM INFORMATION). In holiday periods it is entirely available as a holiday house.

It is localized near the Andalusian village of Coin (30 minutes from Málaga airport, Torremolinos and Marbella coast). The area is babtized: Ecobarrio de Coin, because of the relatively conscious persons and as more and more mind liked persons are living in the area. 

Of course, you can get your one-on-one retreat here, but you may just like a little space for yourself, be surrounded by persons that have learned on standing (mainly :-)) shiny in the chaotic and turbulent world, read the books on self-awareness, consciousness, meditation and alike. 

Book a room via airbnb or contact us directly via contact page

In the green surroundings, you can walk on the paths or off road and we can tip you to interesting spots to meditate or dive into nature. 

If you are into meditation, energy works and power points (as Glastonburry, Stonehenge, ... ), ask about that!  

In addition to a room, we offer personal guidance for individuals and smaller groups. 

On request, we offer a specific personalized program either with active guidance or for autonomous activities on nature, self-realization, and retreat. We believe a heart-opening moment can be healing and uplifting and change life in a second. However, normal life is a process and growth takes time and experience. That is why we also offer a longer-term accompaniment that can be online too, so you are not back home alone. 

A few ideas for when you are in the area:

Meditate in a small rock cave with wide views

Meditate at the ancient trees 

Practice Shrinrin-Yoku in the Forests near the Costa del Sol with your personal trained guide. 

Make your mindfulness walk and visit megalitic construction at Grazalema.

Learn the tapping points and get introduced to the EFT. 

Read books on self-growth at the outcrops near the house.

Work a day out in the Olive yard. 

Make your run through the Spanish countryside.

Visit energy power points in Malaga area. 

Excursion to Permaculture lands and projects.

Visit the Montessori Primary School

Face and smile with your inner-with Matrix Reimprinting

Temascal for you 

Acapuncture, massage, yoga in the area. 

Dive into documentaries and works to get yourself on another track and believe systems ...

Airport, train and harbour pick-up possible.


Is there any better place to create your life with the Law of Attraction, than from the inside? There are tools and guidelines, but what is working best for me is to focus on the experiences - past, present & future. 

This is how we got to live in the little paradise "Casa Alegría" (the picture on the left). And, now you have the opportunity to enjoy that too.  Apart from a comfortable place for staying, we love to provide you with tools and guidance. 

How we got to live here you can watch here (click here to the youtube)

What about nature around Coin, Malaga and Alhaurin el Grande?

This may be actually how you got to this website as my main focus has been for decades nature conservation. From the Casa Alegría you have a short trip to exiting nature reserves (we can provide you maps or even personal guides for that). 

There are plenty of nice walking trails and trips in the vicinity. Birds as Hoopoo, Beeater, Booted Eagle and Eagle owl are around the house. More natural areas you can reach by yourself or with a guide (by car):

Sierra de las Nieves Biosphere Reserve 

Magnificant PINSAPO trees in Sierra de las Nieves forest
Magnificant PINSAPO trees in Sierra de las Nieves forest

Antequera Geo Park

Marshes of Guadalhorce (Málaga)

Montes de Málaga

Grazalema Natural Park

Tarifa and Gibraltar

Ronda and forests