Empowering Natural Positive Evolution


Evolution is a continuous process that I believe may be evolving with jumping steps. To my actual beliefs, we - humans and persons - direct our actions to achieve and allow life to continue in a positive state.

This may be true (or not?) on a personal level and on other levels, such as for planet earth (for Gaia as Lovelock describes the living planet). At the same time, unresolved (inner) conflicts may be auto-destructive. What if that also counts on various levels (e.g. personal and Gaia)? And what if there are similar methods to convert the "negative" into a "positive" evolution?  

For an individual, the conscious growth is in smaller steps and in larger jumps. The latter occurs when a returning conflict is overcome and a deeper resolution is accompanied by learning. There are distinct ways in which one can facilitate this growth. As I am rather continuously traveling, I have dived lately in how to use natural empowering energy as a kind of a shortcut to facilitate conscious growth.

About half a year ago, I initiated a journey on what now I call: Empowering the Natural Positive Evolution. I had been intrigued by the impact of sharing love with another person, opening up to powerful energy points, and the peaceful relaxing sensations that I experienced at trees. I had noticed a similarity of effects of these shared approaches, and meditation and Matrix Reimprinting: allowing another perspective and overcoming (personal) issues from a peaceful state.

The video above (THE MAGIC IS THERE, NOW HOW TO BECOME THE MAGICIAN) about the start of the active journey. First published in the private group (90-day video journey), that helped me to get started with building online structures from scratch. 

I´ve kept a short diary that maybe one day I´ll publish in the form of a book, but I´d like to share my enthusiasm with new discoveries and experiences on the go as I believe this may be beneficial to other persons too.

It is a rather natural and spontaneous journey and the blog is like a diary. Many times it is the dark hours or the traveling hours that I can dedicate to the sharing. For that, I have decided to use this blog and to a lesser extent my YouTube channel (Click the link here and subscribe to the channel).

By incorporating links to websites, books, YouTube, or others, I pretend to facilitate that you can dive deeper into the topics that are touched on.